Can a photo be a logo?

2021-02-22 11:30:13

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Before you choose a free internet image for your logo, pleaseJul 24, 2017 — We often meet clients who ask us if they can use an internet image for their logo. They find it convenient because a random image on the 

What legal restrictions are there on the use of logos in photosTrademarks can be used to describe the thing they name by people other than the trademark owner. That is, you don't have to say "that annual 26.2 mile race in Can I convert someone's photo into a logo (in Photoshop or AINo you cannot. That is a copyrighted (CGI) image. Also images don't work well as logos for a lot of reasons

Can a Photo be a Logo

Why aren't photographs ever used as logos? - Quora photos don't do well at small sizes. Ever try to pick between thumbnails? A favicon is about 32px x 32px. Photos have limits to how they can be sent, shared, 

Can Shutterstock images be used for Logos and TrademarksNov 5, 2020 — However, Shutterstock does offer two solutions when it comes to logo and trademark use: an exclusive buyout of an existing image, or the How to Add a Logo to Your Photo: Detailed Tutorial andInstead of a logo, you can add a text or signature to your photo. The service features basic editing tools

Can a Photo be a Logo?
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Is photographing a logo legal? - TheLawTogSay you have a photograph of a couple in front of a Krispy Kreme Donuts store with the logo clearly visible. You can most likely use this photo on your website, Reasons against using a photograph within a logo - GraphicSep 8, 2017 — a) Does the client own the rights to the photo outright? If the client does not own the rights, then the artwork can not be copyrighted—meaning, 

Logo Tutorial #1: No Photos, Please – Overthinking DesignFeb 24, 2012 — Even if the photo in question is of professional quality, it is not logo material. It could be used in the design of your letterhead. The photo could 10 Common Mistakes In Logo Design — Smashing MagazineJun 25, 2009 — Uses Raster Images. An example of how raster graphics can limit reproduction. Standard practice when designing a logo is to use vector graphics